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Animal Magic classes are only open to pre-registered customers but it is really easy to register! Simply follow the Steps to Join at the bottom of this page.


If you would like to view a class and meet me beforehand, you are welcome to come along without your dog to watch any of the classes but beware you may get roped into helping!   SORRY BUT DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS THIS OPTION IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. INSTEAD BOOK A FREE 15 MINS ZOOM CHAT OR TELEPHONE CALL.

The classes are intended to be fun for you and your dog.  Teaching is aimed at showing you and your dog what to do rather than what not to do. Time is spent guiding and rewarding the dog whilst building strong foundations for long term behaviours and consistency.  Questions are encouraged.  Don’t be shy; someone else probably wants to know the answer too.

Classes are not a suitable environment for the rehabilitation of aggressive or fearful dogs; please book a free chat to discuss booking a behaviour consultation if your dog displays any form of aggression or fear towards other dogs or people.

If your dog is excessively noisy in a class situation I cannot accept you onto a course as it is too disruptive for everyone else and stressful for you and your dog, no one will learn. Individual training can be offered until your dog is relaxed enough to attend classes (barking is often a sign of stress), or now we offer online classes you can sign up and train in the relaxed environment of your own home or garden. If you book a class and I decide your dog is unsuitable, you will be offered private sessions up to the value paid, which can continue if required.

If you are unsure as to whether you should enrol please contact me for advice.  Experienced handlers with suitable dogs may be accepted mid-way through a course when suitable.

Numbers in each class are limited to ensure you have the very best attention.  Spaces will be allocated on a suitability and first come basis.  If space is not immediately available in the class of your choice you may be offered space in an alternative class or have the next available space reserved for you.  You also have the choice of socially distanced or online private training within 14 days.


I look forward to receiving your application and to helping you and your dog have the best relationship possible.

Steps To Join

  1. Complete the Registration Form  
  2. Register as a customer at the Booking Site 
  3. Verify yourself by clicking the link on the email you receive.
  4. Subject to suitability, your registration will be approved and I will let you know which class to book and the date to start.
  5. Book and pay for your classes on the Booking Site

Kind regards,


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