OUTDOOR Positive Puppies Saturdays 12.30pm

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This 60 mins class is aimed at beginning your puppy’s basic training.  The fun, kind training method of ‘clicker’ training is used predominantly in this class to teach good manners and to build the relationship between puppy and handler.  Handlers not wishing to use a clicker box can use a reward marker word - I use both with my dogs. Questions are encouraged and basic puppy issues covered.  A good response to their name, coming when called, lead walking, health examination, basic positions of sit/down/stand, play and behaviour around puppies and adult dogs are all included in this class. I also cover advice on the usual puppy behaviours through to adolescence. The syllabus will follow the KCGCDS Puppy Assessment and the APDT Good Companion Puppy Award Assessment as applicable to each puppy, however the emphasis will always be on developing a relationship with the puppies through reward, fun and play.

Puppies up to 26 weeks old may begin in this class.  Maximum 5 dogs.

Each puppy may only bring two people due to Government guidance regarding Covid-19. Social distancing measures will be in place. This class is outdoors - prepare for the weather. If, in advance, I feel the weather is unsuitable, the class will be delivered via Zoom meeting.


Ensure you bring your own chair, drink, water, water bowl, hand soap, towel, wipes, mask and gloves if required. A toilet may be available for emergencies or those travelling long distances to attend but you will be responsible for wiping down all handles, taps, etc after use.

Held in Birdlip, Gloucestershire.

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